Outdoor Settings

The mission of the Marble Springs OEA is supported by "settings". These designated spaces and environments will accommodate defined educational and recreational activities for one or more user groups. Click on one of the links below or a number on the map to learn more about these planned settings.

  1. Parking and Drop-off
  2. Entry Area
  3. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Trails
  4. Marble Springs
  5. Marble Spring Memorial
  6. Four Seasons Center
  7. Weather Station
  8. Hyatt Creek Monitoring Stations
  9. Natural Adventure Play
  10. River Cane Learning Station
  11. Council Circle
  12. Pond
  13. Learning Stations
  14. Remote Sensing
  15. Rock Pile
  16. Natural Arts Station
  17. Native Species and Animal Habitats
  18. Picnic Pavilion
  19. Community Garden
  20. Tulip Poplar Lookout
  21. Amphitheater
  22. Resting Spots
  23. Landscape Certification Plantings
  24. Naturalized Boundaries
  25. Buffer Planting
  26. Recycling Stations
View a larger site plan (PDF 1.2 MB)