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Settings: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Trails

Primary Trails will provide broad, curving, accessible routes connecting the Entrance Area to principal settings. Learning Stations will facilitate learning-in-context at appropriate trail locations. Secondary Trails will provide narrower, exploratory alternative routes and "short cuts" between settings. Tertiary Trails will offer children narrow, "secret" ways to move through the area with a heightened sense of discovery, adventure, playful fun; and for young children, challenging "lost in the woods" experiences.

Guided Programs will use the trails, starting from the Four Season Center, facilitated by playwork staff and volunteers, and offer age-appropriate activities to school groups linked with curriculum-specific classroom activity. Lesson plans will help teachers to creatively connect OEA programs to classroom learning.

Self-Guided Programs will engage groups and individuals using signage, maps, and fliers.

Specific elements of this setting will include:
  • All trails are wood chip surfaced with sections of elevated deck, except for tinted concrete sections that provide ADA compliant access from the Parking/Drop-off to the Four Seasons Center.

  • Steps, bridges, and retaining walls are constructed of timber and/ or stone/marble

  • Directional signs have composite construction

  • Signage, maps, fliers