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Settings: Hyatt Creek Monitoring Stations

The Hyatt Creek Monitoring Stations will be located adjacent to Hyatt Creek, a NC Designated Trout Stream. With support from the Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition, the stations are dedicated to watershed conservation and are focused on measurement of water quality improvements within the Hiwassee River Watershed. A 30-foot riparian buffer established along the creek protects water quality and provides animal habitat. A Weather Station outpost will allow related weather observation and monitoring.

Elementary school children will access the water to broaden their experiences and approaches to learning. Middle and high school students will be able to monitor the quantity and diversity of plant and animal species, observe water levels, the effects of weirs, sample water quality, study seasonal variability, and pursue related topics such as the trout lifecycle.

Adult workshops will be offered through the North Carolina CATCH (Caring for Aquatic Through Conservation Habits), the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission program to educate adults to be youth leaders, that teach principles of interdependency.

Observations of stream quality will be conducted during the stream reclamation process. Special events include stream clean up days and water conservation courses. Specific elements of this setting will include:
  • Simple platforms at 100 foot intervals for direct access to the water provide streamside observation and monitoring stations each with a small, adjacent storage unit for scientific equipment and supplies

  • Outpost Weather Station